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a bottle of water with a gold medal around it and an award on the side
Island Gin distillery. New Zealand.
Island Gin is a boutique spirit made on one of the southern hemisphere’s most remote Islands, Great Barrier Island New Zealand, 5 hours by barge from Auckland. Copper pot distilled, using locally harvested Island honey with organically certified Macedonian juniper.
a bottle of wine with the words, the world is full of lies but some are better than others
LIAR Wine: A ripe time for liars • Ads of the World™ | Part of The Clio Network
LIAR Wine Integrated Advert By : A ripe time for liars | Ads of the World™
two bottles of laga on a black background
Lagg Scotch Whisky Packaging Conveys A Story Of Tradition
The power of utilizing imperfect typography for whisky packaging design is undeniable. It adds a distinctive and captivating charm that perfectly aligns with the essence of the spirit itself, and Stranger & Stranger's design for Lagg does just that. The irregularities and subtle imperfections in the letterforms create a sense of authenticity and craftsmanship, mirroring the meticulous art of whisky-making.
two bottles of sake are shown side by side, one is green and the other is white
guide クボアキラデザイン事務所
a close up of a bottle with a clock on it's top and bottom
Roots of Ruin Gin
Roots of Ruin Gin – Castle & Key Distillery
a bottle of mermaid gin on a white background
Thinkers Furthered 40/60 Vodka, alcohol bottle, custom glass embossing and shape, label design, metal coin, shoulder decoration, metal neck collar, wood cork and metal closure, Branding. Tequila, Spirit Drinks, Whisky, Liquor Bottles, Vodka Brands
Thinkers Vodka
Thinkers Furthered 40/60 Vodka
a bottle of gin with orange flowers on it
Silent Pool Distillers
two bottles of absolut koranval are shown side by side on a white background
Loves | AnOther
six bottles of alcohol are lined up in a row
directors blend johnnie walker
Chinese Packaging, Chinese Packaging Design, Glass Packaging, Packing Design, Packaging Labels Design