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Brilliant House Organizations and Storage Hacks Ideas 17 -

This is Brilliant House Organizations and Storage Hacks Ideas 17 image, you can read and see another amazing image ideas on 60 Brilliant Tips for Home Organizations and Storage Hacks gallery and article on the website blog..

Steel Hardening Colour Chart – West Yorkshire Steel Co Ltd

Steel Hardening Colour Chart – West Yorkshire Steel Co Ltd, ISO quality steel suppliers, UK delivery only £25

Kirkpatrick 3984 Gate Latch

A superb quality, iron gate latch. Unsurpassable British quality, hand forged in a foundry in the West Midlands.

Types of Steel for Blacksmithing

This is a short video on the 3 main groups of steel and their uses. Mild steel, spring steel, and tool/alloy steel.For more information, custom orders, or qu...

Working the Steel

Adze Adjustments

I’ve been getting a lot of good questions from people that, unable to find a good bowl adze, wish to make the most out of a less-than-ideal adze or refurbish an antique adze head. I’ve…

How to have a successful Etsy shop?

Are you new to Etsy? This Etsy Guide will surely help you get started the right way. I've been an Etsy seller now for about 13 months and sold over 2,060 digital prints and counting.

Welcome to Autonopedia

Welcome to Autonopedia

Spanish Style Slide Bolt - Unfinished

Rustic Spanish Style Slide Bolt

The Penta Pit Outdoor Fire Pit Chimenea | Chiminea

The Penta Pit Chimenea Fire Pit This is a custom built fire pit made from 3/16" steel plate. It is about 31" wide and 5' tall. This fire pit is designed to last and provide an artistic touch to your back yard living space. It is unfinished steel and is designed to age to a brown rust finish which will be long lasting due to the thick steel plate. This thick plate build will last for ages compared to thin sheet metal pits commercially available. You can purchase this firepit or contact me to…

Blacksmithing – Small Farmer's Journal

Blacksmithing - Small Farmer's Journal

Modern farm machinery is largely of iron and steel construction, making an equipment of metal working tools necessary if satisfactory repairs are to be made. Forging operations consist of bending, upsetting, drawing out, welding, punching, drilling, riveting, thread-cutting, hardening, tempering, and annealing. Heat makes iron soft and ductile. Practically all forging operations on iron can be done more rapidly when it is at a high heat. Steel will not stand as high a temperature.

Compact Tong and Hammer Rack

It has never been easier to get organized. The Compact Tong and Hammer Rack comes standard with two pieces (a left and a right) and has two levels for hanging your tongs and hammers. You can choose to purchase it with four flat bars (16-3/4" in length) or fabricate your own to mount it at the length you desire. You can

Decorative metal hook , Gold Leaf Hook blacksmith made, entryway hook, coat hanger, towel hook, rust

Hand forged rustic metal gold leaf hook blacksmith made by Clark Martinek. Great for hanging your hat, coat, or towel. Leaf is touched with gold brush color Coating: It is powder coated clear to show the true beauty of the iron but protect it from rust (this is a resistance coating not a guarantee against rust.) Any metal item left outdoors may rust over time. We do not guarantee against rustHook is approx 6" tall and has a 2" hook for what ever you decide to hang on it. All hooks are…

Blacksmith bolster plate with handle, 1/4" - 3/4" punch tool

A bolster plate is used in blacksmithing to back up a punch or drift. When punching, the bolster plate functions as the die. Drive the hot punch most of the way through the material. Select a hole just larger than the punch and position the work to allow the punch to shear out the slug of material. When drifting a punched hole larger, the desired size and shape of drift is driven into the hot hole. This stretches or swells the workpiece, giving it more strength and a more traditional…