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DIY tips and tricks
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the kitchen tile backsplash is clean and ready to use
How to Install Kitchen Tile Backsplash
Hiring a tile guy can cost you thousands of dollars, and I know that isn't in my budget. See how to install kitchen tile backsplash the easy way with this complete tutorial.
a wooden bench with woven seat and shoes under it on the floor in front of a door
DIY Wooden Bench with Woven Seat
I needed a simple bench for my entryway and I didn't want to spend upwards of $100 on one. See how I built this DIY wooden bench with a woven fabric seat right here.
an elephant figurine sitting on top of a shelf next to books and a plant
DIY Faux Floating Shelves
Floating shelves can be tricky and quite expensive. If you are looking for a beginner friendly DIY to save you time and money, look no further. Check out my full tutorial for these DIY faux floating shelves.
a lion shaped stool with the words how to build a lion shaped stool on it
How to Build a Lion Shaped Stool
This stool made me the coolest DIYer to every little kid I know. See how I created this DIY lion shaped stool perfect for any little one.
diy kids'table and stools with faces painted on them in different colors
DIY Kids' Table and Stools
Give them a place to snack and play with this super simple DIY kids' table and stools. Get the complete tutorial here.
garden bed with cover made out of pallets
DIY Raised Garden Bed with Cover
Garden season is in full effect so why not do it in style? Here is how to build a raised garden bed with a cover in just one weekend.
how to demo a deck rail with the text, how to demo a deck rail
How to Demo a Deck Railing
Dilapidated deck railing got you down? See how to build and install a DIY deck railing with this easy and complete tutorial.
how to demo a deck rail with the text, how to demo a deck rail
How to Demo a Deck Railing
Are you thinking about sprucing up your outdoor space? Well, your deck can make or break an aesthetic. Here is how to remove the deck railing all on your own.
the wooden bracelet holder is made from wood
DIY Bracelet Holder Using Wood
Display all those bracelets with pride using these DIY wooden bracelet holders. Get the step-by-step tutorial right here.
a person using a sanding machine on a table with text overlay that reads 5 unexpected things every student should know
5 Unexpected Things to Bring to College
We know to pack the mini-fridge and microwave for a college kid, but what are some unexpected things a college student needs? Here are 5 unexpected things every student needs to bring to college.
a sprinkler that is spraying water in the grass with text overlay how to conserve water in your garden
How to Conserve Water in Your Garden
We all want a beautiful lawn and garden all summer long, but constant watering can get time-consuming and expensive. Here are some efficient tips to conserve water in your lawn and garden.
small wooden planter box with pink flowers in the center and text overlay that reads diy planter box
Small Wooden DIY Planter Box
I use planters to display my favorite seasonal flowers and sometimes the store-bought kinds are less than ideal. See how to build a small DIY wooden planter box with plans and a step-by-step tutorial.
a wine glass holder made out of wooden pallets with the words diy wine caddy and wine glass holder
DIY Wine Caddy and Glass Holder
Make enjoying wine outside a simple task with this stunning DIY wine caddy with glasses holder. Get the complete tutorial here.
the vertical herb garden is made from cardboard and has plants growing in it, with text overlay that reads diy indoor vertical herb garden
DIY Indoor Vertical Herb Garden
Basil, parsley, and thyme, oh my! Create an indoor vertical herb garden to keep the freshest herbs in all of your cooking all year long.
a blue bench sitting on top of a lush green field
How to Make Solar Walkway Lights
Illuminate your curb appeal with these DIY solar walkway lights. Get the step-by-step tutorial right here.