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a hand holding a glass ball ornament with white swirls and a bottle of glue
Glitter Swirls Ornament DIY
Hey everyone, I wanted to bring to you one of the easiest and classiest ornaments you can make on the fly...and you really only need 2 th...
a glass ornament filled with red candies on top of a white table
50 Incredible DIY Christmas Ornament Tutorials
M&M's Ornaments
an ornament is filled with lots of beads and magnets to make it look like a christmas ornament
Clear Ornament And Fill With Whatever You Fancy.
a green vase with yellow eyes and feathers on it
Grinch ornaments (I've made 10 of these): I decorated clear platic ornaments (with kids in mind) inside with Pledge floor wax and Martha Stewart glitter. Then I hot glued a snippet of green feather boa around the top. I punched yellow eyeballs with black centers out of duck tape sheets, and then cut out (free hand) eyebrows. Pretty simple... love the results.
a glass ornament with marshmallows in the shape of a snowman
Best Of Christmas Toys
I'm doing this with my clear Christmas ornaments!!
a glass ornament with reindeer's nose and antlers hanging from it
淘宝网 - 淘!我喜欢
Design your own photo charms compatible with your pandora bracelets. Cute and easy reindeer ornaments for kids to make this Christmas.
a glass ornament with a snowman's face made out of shredded paper
red glass ornaments with santa's belt on them are sitting on a table top
8 idées pour créer et personnaliser des boules de Noël * Idée Créative
Créer une boule de Noël personnalisée
christmas ornament ornaments hanging from a tree with text overlay that says easy snowman ornaments
DIY Simple Snowman Christmas Ornament | Cute Kid's Craft Idea!
a clear glass ornament with snowflakes hanging from it's side
Glass Ball Snowflake Ornament - Cutesy Crafts
Glass Ball Snowflake Ornament
an ornament hanging from the top of a christmas tree with text overlay
Eucalyptus Filled Ornaments
Looking for a quick but stylish Christmas DIY? These eucalyptus filled ornaments can be done in a few minutes and add even more green to your tree!