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Anti anxiety dog food infographic for the DogBuddy Blog
DOG TREATS VS POISON  -- Dogs will generally eat anything tastier than a sofa, so it’s no surprise that dog treats are a big industry, and the fact that you love your pet obviously means you want to give them your meal leftovers, or unwanted sandwiches, but are all the things we’re happy to feed our dogs good for them? Our Treat VS Poison infographic shows you which common snacks may be harming your dog, and highlights a few healthy options you may not have considered before.
Here is a quality infographic that will teach you all about the different types of food that can be really harmful for your…

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a dog sitting in front of a couch with the words 10 different teacup doodle dogs
10 Different Teacup Doodle Dog Breeds
Looking for a small and adorable furry friend? Well, look no further because teacup doodle dog breeds could be the perfect choice for you.These pint-sized pups are a delightful mix of intelligence, playfulness, and cuteness.With their hypoallergenic coats and friendly personalities, teacup doodles are ideal for families and individuals alike.
a woman playing with her dog on the floor
The Easiest Dog Trick and Dog Stretch!
Keep your dog fit with 3 easy dog stretches to do after your dog fitness exercises! Plus, one of them is also a fun dog trick to teach your dog. Adding stretches for your dog is a great way to increase your dog’s flexibility and they’re great for dogs of all breeds and sizes, especially if you do dog sports. I like to add these into my dogs agility training at home all the time! Learn more about these easy dog stretches and dog fitness at
a dog with the words does your dog need a dental? here are the signs
Dog Dental Health
Everything You Need To Know About Dog Dental Health How to improve it #DogDentalHealth #DogOralHealth #InsideADogsMouth #DogRecovery #DentalHealthWarnings
the complete guide for a healthy dog is shown in this image with text overlay
Dog Care : The Complete Guide for a Healthy Dog
Dog Care - This ‘How-To’ guide is about: Dog Vaccination, Dog Grooming, Dog Training Tips, Dog Feeding. Learn how to care for a puppy or dog. Read More #dogcare
A puppy is going to a dog park. Discover park safety tips for dog owners Dog Training, Pet Care, Small Dogs, Dog Health, Dog Poop Bags, Dog Owners, Dog Travel, Dog Entertainment
11 tips for dog park safety
Before heading to a dog park, discover the best safety tips for dog owners. Are you ready? #dogs #doghealth #dogsafety #dogpark
a dog is sitting in front of a plate with food on it and the words safe and unsafe summer fruits for your dog
Unsafe Summer Fruits for Dogs: Know the Toxic List!
Stay informed and keep your furry friend safe by knowing which summer fruits are unsafe and toxic for dogs. Learn about the fruits like grapes and avocados that can be harmful to your pup's health. Prioritize their well-being and make summer a safe and enjoyable season! 🚫🍇🍒🐾 #UnsafeSummerFruitsForDogs #ToxicFruitsForDogs #DogSafety
a person holding a dog's paw in their hand with the title how to protect your
How To Protect Your Dog's Paws In Summer
Who doesn't love a summer stroll with their favorite pup? But it's important to protect their sensitive paws from the hot pavement. Explore our detailed guide to ensure a safe and comfortable walk for your furry friend, even in the peak of summer heat.
three puppies sitting next to each other in front of a white background with the words, healthy puppy checklist
Healthy Puppy Checklist
When you choose a new puppy from a litter, it's important to spot illness from body language and physical signs. Find out what to look for here.
a dog eating food from a bowl with the words, 5 dog foods to avoid for a healthier dog
5 Dog Foods to Avoid for a Healthier Dog
While you might think your dog is able to enjoy a lot of different foods, there are lots of dog foods to avoid if you want to keep your dog healthy.
a brown and white dog laying on top of a couch with the words how to help a shut down dog
Help An Emotionally Shut Down Dog
Sometimes a dog will 'shut down' after abuse, abandonment or grief. Here is how to help. #ShutDownDog #DepressedDog #DogMentalHealth
the benefits of dog massage for dogs and their owners, including an article on how to use it
Dog Massage: Why You Should Give Your Pup A Good Rub - Proud Dog Mom
a woman is getting her dog's ear examined by an animal veterinator
Ear Infection In Dogs
Natural remedies to help ear infections in dogs. #EarInfectionsInDogs #NaturaRemediesForDogs #HelpForEarInfections #DogEar|Help
a dog getting his teeth brushed by a veterinator with the title 6 dog dental care tips every owner should know
6 Dog Dental Care Tips Every Owner Should Know
a person petting a dog's teeth with the caption what the color of your dogs gums means
What The Color Of Your Dog’s Gums Means
What The Color Of Your Dog’s Gums Means | Dog Health | Dog Care | About Dogs | Dog Dental Health |
a woman is walking her dog in the snow with text that reads, why you should take your dog to the white sands national monument
Why You Should Take Your Dog to the White Sands National Monument
Seated within the Tularosa Basin in the Chihuahuan Desert located in New Mexico, the White Sand National Monument enraptures visitors – two-legged and four – into a paradoxical warm, winter wonderland as this natural sandbox distinctively features a vast, striking landscape flooded with pure white gypsum crystals.