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many different colored papers stacked on top of each other with the same image in it
18 Things Only a Dog Owner Will Understand
a dog sitting in the driver's seat of a car while someone is driving
a white dog laying on top of a bed next to a quote from the book seven stages of loving a dog
Love dog's
two dogs with their faces peeking out from behind a fence
a man and his dog are hiking up a mountain side with their backpacks on
Climber who left his injured German shepherd mix on a mountain spared jail time and a large fine
The story of Missy the dog, abandoned on Bierstadt Mtn in Colorado after a storm moved in. Her feet were too cut up by the rocks for her to walk anymore and Ortolani said he was unable to carry her down the mountain. It was 8 days before strangers managed to rescue the dog. Above left, Missy with Ortolani. Below left, her new owner - one of her rescuers. And her new name is "Lucky." #rescue
a dog sitting on top of a dirt road next to a tree filled field with fog
an abstract photo with many different colors and shapes
a dog that is sitting on the ground with a caption in front of it
a paw print with the words i am thanks for paw prints on my floor,
two cats are playing with each other in front of a quote that says, we'll be ok god is in control trust him
What Wouldn’t Jesus Do?
My blog isn’t just about animals, its about how people perceive animals. Humans are to be stewards of the animals on earth and instead are powering over them. Jesus didn’t even do that …