i will be leaving in a van filled with books and cds
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an old fashioned car with flames painted on it's hood in a parking lot
a motorcycle that is laying on the ground in the grass near some trees and signs
the front and side view of a black car with gold trimmings on it
In wonderland, obviously
a pink sports car parked in front of a building with other cars behind it on the street
Sunburst Yellow DBS - Page 2 - Aston Martin
an advertisement for the lambino concept car, which was introduced in 1971 and is now on display
Scans of Lamborghini Countach LP400 brochure (1974c1)
an old truck is parked in the dirt with many items on it's back
vanderlust: Photo
the interior of an old truck with red and black leather upholstering on it
chevy classic cars
a kitchen area with a stove, pot and utensils on the counter in front of an open window
The Surfing Handbook
an assortment of pearls and other jewelry on display