Water Cycle Foldable. need to use with 6th grade...notice how the book physically represents the water cycle...not just a worksheet

Water Cycle Foldable (can put into interactive notebook! need to use with grade.notice how the book physically represents the water cycle.not just a worksheet

Ciencias Naturales: órganos

Marshmallow experiment essay The Marshmallow Test is a study that was done by Walter Mischel in 1972 to test how children are able to delay gratification and how that might affect them

Build the board up throughout topic/ theme.

Identify the major parts of plants, including stem, roots, leaves, and flowers. Plant Growth Board- idea for spring science.for my science bulletin board in April

Idea para Lapbook del cuerpo humano Más

Human Anatomy Fold Book

Color, fold, and cut to make this engaging anatomy booklet - good for a first look at the body and it's layers. From Our Time to Learn,

Kübra'nın dersi: FEN VE TEKNOLOJİ

Kübra'nın dersi: FEN VE TEKNOLOJİ

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