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Now that yoga is everywhere in Western culture, inevitably, myths have sprung up. You probably have heard a few, and maybe wondered about them yourself. Below you’ll find explanations for the most common yoga myths. This should help debunk misinformation, offer a deeper understanding of yoga, and ease any doubts or lingering fears you …

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Circuit training is a style of training that usually involves two or more exercises that are performed in a set amount of repetitions (reps). Typically a timer is set and you repeat these exercises (in their rep amounts) one after the other for that set period of time. For example …

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I find strong and fit women stunning to look at and am sharing some of my favorites. I claim no ownership of any of these photos and if they are yours and you want them removed please let me know and I will. Nothing hardcore here but probably NSFW.

To be kind, compassionate and loving.with yourself as well as others ✨

Need help getting win shape or have questions about building muscle? Here are some great articles on Fitness, Strength,Muscle Building and Nutrition

Someone suggested I draw a girl wearing a Hijab a few months ago so here it is! I& not sure if it was anonymously sent or not, or if I replied already, so please let me know if it was you! I enjoyed making this.

Remember Stefanie Macherhammer and her amazing transformation? Well here she is again!

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