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The Word DOCH – A Translation Challenge - learn German,vocabulary,words,german

The German word doch can be used to express different meanings. a true German (or Austrian or German Swiss)!

Learn German - Sentence Structure/ Satzbau by on @deviantART

Learn German Some time left to do LEARN GERMAN parts Sentence Structure.a heavy part -_- nnnh sorry for this long update >_< Thanks to VampireQueenEffeffia&nbsp;Who suggested this theme.

Die Jahreszeiten und Monate dazu. Wonderful illustration. I wish I could give credit to whoever came up with it.

Learn German online with the Rocket German free trial. Learning German is fast and easy with our audio course, software and German language lessons.

Verben/Verbs - To test students, white out the vowel change and write it on the back as a flashcard, then have them write/speak all the conjugations!