Rose bullion

# Sen female hand for Mania # @ hot tea tiger flower + jewelry + clay + old material transformation + embroidery + Decoration + hand-painted: http: ~ so rich forest live too good!

bullion sample wheat

Wheat pattern I got from Love to sew I am not sure about the colors I used, it was a mixture of four

Roll needle roses embroidery method~would be perfect on an apron pocket.I remember stitching this stitch.and similarly to do ferns.but you cut afterwards (bullion stitch roses )

Brazilian Embroidery From Blackberry Lane

Brazilian dimensional embroidery pattern stitched with EdMar rayon Brazilian Embroidery thread. This design was designed by Delma Moore of Blackberry Lane.

DIY απλό πλαστικό μπουκάλι κουτί αποθήκευσης Έργα DIY |

This could be a paintbrush holder or for pencils or ANYTHING. DIY Simple Plastic Bottle Storage Box DIY Simple Plastic Bottle Storage Box by diyforever