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an image of a rocket ship and space themed wall hanging on the back of a bed
Uzay panosu
there is a man on a ladder climbing up to the moon
La Lune - ☺Arts visuels en maternelle☺
two young children standing in front of a backdrop
Gece Gündüz Etkinliği
an open book with a cup of coffee on top of it and some plants growing out of the pages
there is a embroidery on the table that says, these are hot air balloons in the sky
three embroidered hoops with the word mia written in cursive writing on them
Projeto Borda Comigo! | Borda, Luiza!
Projeto Borda Comigo! | Borda, Luiza!
a hand embroidered hoop with the words home is where your mom is
a black wall decorated with yellow and white balloons, paper flowers and honeycombs