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Jose Romussi’s Embroidered Photographs Play with Culture and Beauty | Hi-Fructose Magazine

Chilean artist Jose Romussi adds embroidery to paper photographs to extracts a third dimension, and thus a nascent personality, out of an otherwise flat image. By doing so, Romussi opens space for …

I always knew there was something wrong about that bimbo.

Clearly Barbie has reached her limit with Ken. Can I just take a moment to point out the dismembered hand in the refrigerator door and the one on the floor that do not belong to Ken? Clearly Barbie has another body stashed somewhere in her dream house.

Barbie heads. That's scarier than anything in this board!

I Love Barbie - Menu Ideas for my I love Barbie Party- 1 Dozen Egg-Head Barbies -- Egghead is an anti-intellectual epithet aka know-it-all. Have you ever run across one egg-headed person? Now imagine running into a dozen! These Barbie