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a bedroom with white walls and pictures on the wall above the bed, along with plants
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a white bed sitting next to a closet filled with clothes
new crib
a bedroom with a bed, mirror and stools
a bedroom with white walls and wooden flooring has clothes on hangers, a mirror, potted plants, and a bed
༺⋆ هبة ⋆༻
a bedroom with a bed, mirror and lamp on the floor in front of it
a white dresser sitting next to a wall with pictures on the wall and clothes hanging up
an instagram page with a bed in front of a window and a potted plant
a bedroom with lights strung from the ceiling and a cat sleeping on top of the bed
a bed sitting under a window next to a potted plant on top of a table
a bed room with a neatly made bed next to a window and a rug on the floor
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