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Tuğçe Yılmaz

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Tuğçe Yılmaz
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Horace Vernet -- Portrait of Louise Vernet, daughter of the artist

Horace Vernet, Louise Vernet, daughter of the artist detail

Vicente Lopez y Portaña: (detail) Doña Gertrudis de Compte y de Bruga, oil on canvas. "The challenge of rendering drapery fascinates me; and this being an intricately detailed lace inset, makes it even moreso. Exquisitely done.

Aqua Chalcedony Cocktail Ring in Sterling Silver ($124) ❤ liked on Polyvore

SS Aqua Chalcedony Cocktail ring My favorite stone! In the book of Revelation it says chalcedony is in the streets/walls of heaven! The aqua color reminds me of the heavens!