Kök Turk (Tujue) Warriors

Siberian historians to send replica of ancient warrior’s body armour to Vladimir Putin

Kök Turk (Tujue) Khatun And Her Turkic Army - Gökturks

The world‘s first female warrior princess & ruler ‚Tomris Khatun‘ !

Kök Turk (Tujue) Warrior

Avar by Tooril

Kök Turk (Tujue) Hairstyle

Early Turks: Male Costume in the Chinese Art, Second half of the – first half of the cc. ~ Costume of Turks on wall paintings, middle of c.

Kök Turk Bows

Kök Turk Bows

Kök Turk (Tujue) Nobles

Kök Turk (Tujue) Nobles

Kök Turk Daggers

End of Antiquity Campaign: The First Crusade -

Kök Turk (Tujue) Nobles

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