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there are several different types of food on the table with utensils in front of them
an advertisement for the gastrointep restaurant with vegetables and fruits painted on it (@Turistimm) / Twitter (@Turistimm) | Twitter
two cups of hot chocolate sitting on top of saucers next to silver dishes filled with nuts
Yemek Nerede Yenir
Menengiç Kahvesi - Tahmis Kahvesi / Gaziantep Çalışma Saatleri 07:00-00:00 0 342 232 89 77 6 Alkolsüz Mekan Paket Servis Yok Multinet Sodexo Ticket Yok Açık Alan Var Otopark Vale Parking Yok DAHA FAZLASI İÇİN SNAPCHAT "YEMEKNEREDEYNR" TAKİP ET
an aerial view of a small lake surrounded by trees and mountains with a red roofed house in the middle
Borçka, Karagöl, Artvin
a small waterfall in the middle of a forest with moss growing on it's sides
Artvin'in masalsı güzellikleri
Artvin'in masalsı güzellikleri
a wooden pole with many signs on it in front of a blue sky and clouds
başını alıp gitmek...