Oil Transformer

Anti-short circuit ability Low loss,low noise Mechanical strength Low partial discharge levels To prevent oil leakage

Medium Voltage Transformers

Being used when galvanic isolation required in three phased medium voltage systems or whilst switching needed between MV / LV systems.

Control Transformers

Control transformers are widely used in industrial applications such as electrical panels or PLC power supplies.

Isolation Transformers

Isolation Transformers are designed to be used on one or three phase systems where galvanic isolation or voltage level change is required.

Auto Transformers

Auto transformers are used to change the level of voltage without providing galvanic isolation. They are an economical alternative to isolating transfor.

Medical Transformers

The transformers used in hospitals and medical clinics are supplying extremely sensitive medical equipment. Therefore these transformers are designed an.

Converter Railway Transformers

Converter transformers are used within the passenger cars power supply converters. These transformers are mainly utilized in two different operations: .

Impedance Railway Bond Chokes

Impedance bond chokes are used on electric powered railway lines.

Converter  Transformers Chokes

Converter chokes are used within the passenger cars power supply converters. These chokes are mainly utilized in four different operations: CONVERTER I.

Signalization Ups Transformers

Also known as UPS transformers, these transformers supply electrical cabinets in signalisation housings by the railway sites.

Harmonic Filter Reactors

Harmonic Filter Reactors From Elektra Elektronik San.

Three Phase Isolation Transformers

Three Phase Isolation Transformers

Control Transformers

Primary Secondary Primary Secondary Power Range is form up to

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