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an image of the same person with different facial expressions
an iphone screen showing the top albums for artists and their album covers, so normal
i <3 epic sm its an obsession i cannot wait until the underworld saga
two women with braids on their hair and one has an image of the same woman
an image of a woman's profile with the words epic and i'm literally a concept musical
I LOVE EPIC THE MUSICAL 🙏(And it isn't even done yet 😭)
three people in formal wear standing next to each other
🔅a happy ending🔅 REDRAW!!! ( i actually changed a few things but the concept is the same ) the idea is they're supposed to be looking at obi-wan and satine but ive not got round to drawing them yet so let me if you want to see that!! swipe for close ups and original designs!! #ahsoka #ahsokatano #captainrex #anakinskywalker #anakin #padme #padmeamidala #starwars #starwarsfanart #fanart #theclonewars #theclonewarsfanart #tcw #tcwfanart #ahsokafanart #anakinfanart #rexfanart #padmefanart...
the star wars website has been updated to allow users to use their own video game