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House of Shoes by Shigeru Ban. Camper

House of Shoes by Shigeru Ban and Dean Maltz

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has completed a New York store for footwear brand Camper where all the shoes are hidden away.

Camper Together New York by Nendo

Camper Together New York by Nendo

New York store for shoe brand Camper by Japanese designers Nendo with over a thousand ghostly white shoes protruding from the walls.

La Scarpa, Sofia, 2014, simple white shelves and lights to display shoes

La Scarpa | Elia Nedkov

This shoe shop is located in an old building from 60s. I clearly wanted to keep the true and beautiful to me structure, revealed after complete...

Camper Store Interior Design in Paris

Camper Store Interior Design in Paris, France

Spread the love CAMPER’S STORE IN PARIS The Camper‘s store in Paris is a long and narrow space, at the …

CAMPER STORES Memphis inspired, 2012 - architetto Michele De Lucchi #store #camper

CAMPER STORES Memphis inspired | AMDL CIRCLE | Michele De Lucchi

PROJECTaMDL Architetto Michele De Lucchi - Michele De LucchiPROJECT TEAMMercedes Jaén Ruiz, Philippe NigroCONSULTANTSDanilo Belloni...

Camper's House of Shoes / Shigeru Ban Architects + Dean Maltz Architect (4)

Camper's House of Shoes / Shigeru Ban Architects + Dean Maltz Architect

Completed in 2012 in New York, United States. Images by Marian Montoro. The Existing Building has been gutted to make way for a 1,200 SF Retail Space on the Ground Floor with 1,200 SF of Basement Storage below. Atop the...

Camper Store - Soho. > Shigeru Ban.

Miguel Fluxá head of Camper interview

Head of shoe brand Camper Miguel Fluxá interview at the Nendo-designed boutique on Fifth Avenue in New York.

So Hot Right Now: White Tiles With Black Grout | Yellowtrace.

A selection of cool projects that feature white tiles with black grout - from residential and retail interiors, to offices and styling sets.

30,000 shoelaces hang from Melbourne Camper store ceiling

Brazilian architect Marko Brajovic has affixed thousands of bright red shoelaces to the undulating ceiling of this Camper store in Melbourne

Camper Shoes Store, Lyon


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Camper New York

A new concept for Camper’s larger shops, following on our concept of ‘shoes that walk freely through the air

Camper Store

Camper store in Lyon by Studio Makkink & Bey

Dutch designers Studio Makkink & Bey have completed a store for shoe brand Camper in Lyon with staircases that seem to go on forever.

Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

Camper store in London by Tomás Alonso | Dezeen

London designer Tomás Alonso used ceramic tiles to create optical illusions in this store he designed for Spanish shoe brand Camper in London. The interior is lined with a grid of white 10 by 10cm tiles, but this pattern is broken in places by coloured geometric tiles to create the illusion of recesses or volumes