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Holy Crap this is beautiful! Russian site but HAVE to copy this for someone's little one or maybe an AG doll!

"Steed" from Kim Hargreaves book "Scarlet"...jacket for skiing

"Steed" from Kim Hargreaves book "Scarlet" - light grey blazer, black long sleeve t-shirt, black thin waist belt, medium grey knee length circle skirt with ruffle Don't know book, what is this jacket?

TOP DOWN vuol dire "dall'alto in basso"; cioè si inizia a lavorare dal collo. Facendo capi per bambini e volendo fare un cardigan aperto davanti potete benissimo lavorare con i ferri diritti, esist...

TOP DOWN vuol dire “dall’alto in basso”; cioè si inizia a lavorare dal collo…

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