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a chocolate cake sitting on top of a plate covered in frosting and wood logs
Hey Nicole. just what you need for the birthday BBQ dessert. If you only had a couple of extra hours to do it. After collecting river rocks AND building a new fire pit, decorating a cake probably needs to go to the end your list :)
several pictures of different types of cakes being made with fondant icing and piping
a cake decorated with flowers on top of a white plate
an instagram page with multiple images of shoes and the words instagram on it
Butterfly Cake 💕
the steps to make strawberry shortcakes are shown
Strawberry Surprise Cake
there are many different types of desserts in this collage with the words petit fours on it
Strawberry Heart Shaped Swiss Roll Cake 🩷🍓
there are many different cakes on display in the case at this store, each decorated with flowers and ribbons
Pretty cakes
a box filled with three different types of cakes
there are many different cakes on the table and one is decorated with pink, blue, yellow and green flowers
I want this cake
a multi - colored cake with swirls and butterflies on top is shown in this image