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Albert Einstein

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving" - Albert Einstein. “I thought of that while riding my bicycle” – Einstein on Relativity

9/11 aftermath, via satellite. This was taken 27 hours after the event.

Aftermath of World Trade Center Attack:This true-color image was taken by the Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus aboard the Landsat 7 satellite on September at roughly a. The Thematic Mapper was another of my fathers cameras, stil in use today.

A state visit to Turkey in October 1971 when Her Majesty jumped ashore from a barge

We usually see a very reserved Queen, but photos like this, taken during a state visit to Turkey in October 1971 when Her Majesty jumped ashore from a barge, are reminders that the Queen is quite capable of action when necessary.

floating, waterproof speakers

Set of 3 Floating LED Pool Speakers. Simply toss the waterproof speakers into the pool and start the music, transmits wirelessly via from a single bass station. When not in the pool, the speaker work equally well on dry ground.

Turquoise Paradise, Indonesia

Absolutely Amazing - The Turquoise Paradise in Bali, Indonesia Every time I think of vacation I think of beautiful blue oceans. I would love to go to Indonesia and experience the beauty of the land as well as the culture.

Iceberg waterfall

Glacial Waterfalls in Svalbard, Norway. Wonder if once in my life, I can just go on a trip alone or with someone to North Europe. Everything seems to be crystal clear there.