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Earendil and Elwing approach Valinor

Illustrations for Middle-Earth: Visions of a Modern Myth, drawn by Donato Giancola via Muddy Colors I simply love pencil and chalk works!

gandalf vs balrog

I am a servant of the Secret Fire,wielder of the flame of Anor.You cannot pass!The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udun! (Gandalf vs Balrog, by Flavio Hoffe)

Nazgul from the Lord of the Rings. A Nazgul is one of nine men who succumbed to Sauron's power and attained near-immortality as wraiths, servants bound to the power of the One Ring. They are first mentioned in The Lord of the Rings, originally published in 1954–1955. The book calls the Nazgûl Sauron's "most terrible servants".

the lord of the rings fantasy art nazgul monochrome swords ringwraith wallpaper – Art Fantasy art HD Desktop Wallpaper

Kiki la petite sorcière de Hayao Mizayaki (Ghibli) #fanart #miyazaki #ghibli

Anime picture with kiki's delivery service studio ghibli kiki jiji kana tall image short hair blush blue eyes open mouth blonde hair brown hair brown eyes fringe ponytail holding braid (braids) twin braids happy witch