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two pictures one with white flowers and the other has red thread on it's sides
5 Most Popular Shibori Techniques for You to Explore
A splendid small thistle pattern fabricated from shibori stitch resist. Showing the stitches used to produce this design, ori nui, mokume, miru and guntai shibori. Conceived and executed by Townhill Studio.
two pictures one with an umbrella and the other with a piece of cloth on it
DIY Indigo Fabric Dyeing Tutorial
In Color Order: DIY Shibori Indigo Dyeing Tutorial
How To Dye Fabric With Food Scraps
How To Dye Fabric With Food Scraps // #food #fooddye #recycle #clothes
four different patterns are shown in this book
Mokum Textiles on Instagram: “Shibori is an ancient Japanese dying technique which involves the precise folding, twisting or bunching of fabric before binding and…”
several pieces of paper are laid out on a wooden surface, including clothes pins and pegs
Just spent the day doing a purely-for-fun Shibori dying project with my sis-in-law @christinasmeltz. The results were even better than we expected! #indigo #shibori #shiboridye #indigodye #indigoshibori #tiedye #diyshibori #diyshiborinapkins #shiboriblanket
some diagrams that show how to make origami paper airplanes and other things in the sky is for sale
Tie Dye Mandala Diagrams Folding