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Spilled paint decorations - fun idea for an Art party or Art classroom display.

Mural for the gym at school?? do on a removable board? Variation of mural we did at the old middle school! Would this work now?

Mural for school? Or do on a removable board? Variation of mural for track & field bulletin board.

Park Art Smarties: Talking About Art

These open-ended questions give children opportunities to organize their ideas into speech for sharing what they think and know - a CLASS standard for language and learning support! Park Art Smarties: Talking About Art

art element texture - Google Search

7 gr The principles and elements of art posters nicely displayed within the art room space. Be sure to keep them at the eye level of the students you are working with so they can see them well.

Got Art? | Teaching Art to Young Artists

Art room bulletin board ideas - elements of art bulletin board idea that includes the color wheel, paint swatches, and buckets of paint color groups.

Jamestown Elementary Art Blog: Around our classroom...

Some of the topics of our art curriculum, the "building blocks" of good art: color families, the art elements This is where each gr.