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Lots of people have ghost decorations~ but do they have dis-ghosts? Here's the cutest disco ghost to add to your decor. Boo-tiful sparkle any time of day~ but especially when the direct sunlight hits. Has a battery operated switch on the bottom for the option to light up the inside at night. Every ghost is custom made to order, with each mirror tile added by hand with care.


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Hallstatter Lake, Hallstatt, Austria. At age 10 when I decided I just had to have window boxes with flowers someday.


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Gallery Walls – DROOL


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Ceramic Food Bowl – PAKYPET


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a wine glass is being held up by someone's hand in front of a mirror
several potted plants are sitting on a shelf in the corner of a room next to a window
Tried the black tea method on this dehydrated Phal and it actually worked!!! 3 weeks in weak black tea during the day, set aside to dry during the night. Add back in tea next day. Repeat until leaves improve! 🌿 repotted it and new roots developed already! Tanic acid FTW