NDB Carnival Open House

an image of colorful lights in the night sky with long ribbons hanging from it's ceiling
Photo From Navratri special decoration - By Memory Maker Event
some white balloons are sitting in front of a wall with black and white marble walls
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Clear Collar Latex Embellished Event & Party Supplies
a large red and white tent with lights around it
Circus Decoration Ideas For Carnivals | CurryMantra
the stage is decorated with curtains and people are standing on stilts in front of them
3m x 1m backlit panels of circus performers
Draping, ours would also have a circus/carnival feel
a metal bucket filled with red pom - poms hanging from a wooden pole
Animal Circus First Birthday Party - Inspired By This
Animal Circus Themed First Birthday Party - Inspired by This
a circus tent with red and white striped tents
Circus: The basement of the pyramid in "Clair's" symbolic meditation, "The Blue Topaz".