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Uğurcan kılıç

İzmir / i like gingers and banana milk
Uğurcan kılıç
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If I ever finally get successful at working from home...or maybe even just my study desk while I'm working on my doctorates :)

My future personal office inspiration. Love the tiffany blue chair with the white desk and that the corner desk isn't in the corner like it is "supposed" to.

This blew my mind!!

I knew it! Everyone told me it just happened to be a random snake, but I knew Harry set Nagini free! However, the snake in the first movie had a male voice; Nagini is a female snake. Voldemort said so himself in the 4 book.

This WILL be my hair, very soon.

The Undercut hairstyle is a mens hairstyle that's trending for some time now. This is the official thread on all about the Undercut hairstyle including instructions on how to do it, pictures etc.

Google Image Result for http://www.firstclassfashionista.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Messy-Mohawks.jpg

Men with wavy hair have problems deciding their hairstyles. So here are the best hairstyles for men with wavy hair which you can try on your hair and look cool: