Just 15 minutes a day and you'll achieve astounding results!

Yoga-Get Your Sexiest Body Ever Without - Just 15 minutes a day and youll achieve astounding results! - Get your sexiest body ever without,crunches,cardio,or ever setting foot in a gym

Many people have trouble losing weight and try in all sort of different ways to achieve this goal but to no results. Some areas of your body are especially difficult to tone and thighs may just be on the top of that list. Fortunately, there are certain li

Since my knee isn't cooperating with squats and such

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8 Simple Exercise to Reduce Inner Thigh Fat Instantly

Cossack Squat: This is a powerful squat variation and by far the best exercise for inner thighs. The body weight movement provides a unique training stimulus to the lower body that helps to shape the glutes and thighs from each and every angle.

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Ill add this next, 3 days a week alternating with the arm challenge. Im planning to take each week and treat it like a day from this plan so itll actually take me 30 weeks to complete it. Of course Ill reevaluate its impact to my body as I go. I know itll