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Front Cover Space Race in TIME

Front Cover Space Race in TIME. With the USSR being the first to launch and send signals from a satellite in space. The space race began for the first human to go land on the moon and come back. The 2 leaders of the space race were the USSR and the US.

de beer en de vogel moeten de Sovjet Unie en de V.S voorstellen. Ze zitten allebij op een rots die tegen over elkaar staan en ze hebben strijd

Cold war eagle v bear cartoon which represents the frosty relationship between the USSR and America specifically.

Bringing down the Berlin Wall (1989).

Bringing down the Berlin Wall, 1989 - 'I remember watching this on TV as it was happening. I was My mom told me, "Pay attention. You're watching history happen right now." I said the same thing to my son when Obama was elected President.