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Here I share my passion for civil aviation and space. Commercial Aviation - airlines & air cargo - link the world enabling commerce and connections across the…
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two planes flying side by side in the air with propellers on their wings and one has its landing gear down
an airplane is shown in this diagram
an image of different types of space shuttles and their names on the same page
Crewed space capsules
six airplanes flying in formation over the desert ground, with one plane upside down and four below
Forger Stucky on X
Forger Stucky on X
a large yellow and red boat in the ocean with water around it's sides
an airplane with different colors and markings on the side, labeled in red, green, blue, yellow, and orange
a small yellow and red plane flying in the sky above sand dunes with mountains behind it
a yellow plane is flying low to the ground in the water with trees in the background
an advertisement for the airbus family