V-22 Osprey & Other Tilt Rotor Aircraft

The V-22 Osprey is a Tilt Rotor Aircraft capable of taking-off and landing like a helicopter and then will fly like an aircraft. The Osprey is currently…
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an army helicopter is flying in the air over some trees and houses on a cloudy day
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an army helicopter sitting on top of a lush green field
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Bell V-280 Valor
Bell V-280 Valor; Bell - Lockheed Martin The V-280 Valor in design looks a lot like the Osprey. The V-280 is expected to sail at 280 knots and hence the name V-280. The top speed is around 560 kmph, which brings it pretty close to the osprey. In fact, there would be no surprises if the final production model was much faster. Top Speed: 423 knots [487 mph or 560 kmph]. Cruise Speed: 280 knots [322 mph or 519 kmph]
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JMR Advances Towards Flight Under Cover of Darkness