MULTY PATRON: mandalas

MULTY PATRON: mandalas-- with more detailing and rich colors, this would make an excellent shoulder tattoo.


Pensée (these flowers are called "thoughts" in french and this is a thought for my gramdma)

Quilting Feather Daisies embroidery quilt patterns

This embroidery collection features classic feather quilting designs with a dash of daisy!

Bordados 100% a mano : Textiles de Tienda de Costumbres

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Fundas de almohada peruano mano bordadas flores de lana por khuskuy

Peruvian Pillow cushion cover Hand embroidered flowers Sheep & alpaca wool 16 x 16 handmade Black / Фото #5 - ПЕРЕНАБОР 20 - JHM

ru / Фото - ПЕРЕНАБОР 20 - JHM I think of cross stitching when I look at this.