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a wooden bench sitting on top of a sandy beach next to palm tree covered mountains
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The silence of the ocean, the breath taking view this would be the place to leave all your worries behind.
the sun is setting over the ocean with two palm trees in front of it,
watching a gorgeous sunset! #evoxsummer beautiful sunset
an ocean wave is breaking into the water
The waves of the world
an old tunnel leading to the sea
Passageway to the Sea - Isle of Crete, Greece
boats are parked on the beach in front of an island with several houses and buildings
Greece...would love to go there :):)
the words holidays are in front of clear water
Summer holidays : miss Holiday at beach..
a lake with trees and mountains in the background that says, oh daring lets be adventurers
an open window with a view of a lake and island in the middle of it
10 Attractive Lakes for Romantic Summer Holiday - Bled, Slovenia
an aerial view of some buildings and the ocean in front of them with red roofs
Dubrovnik, Croacia
Dubrovnik, Croacia by, via Flickr
a hammock hanging from a palm tree on the beach at sunset or sunrise
Essential Tips for Booking Your Last-Minute Summer Vacation
summer #vacation #beach hammock
an arch in the side of a rock formation
Tree Art - Fine Art America
Boynton, Sedona, Arizona; photo by Scott McAllister
a river that is surrounded by trees and rocks in the middle of some water with mountains in the background
Blue Lake, Kandersteg, Switzerland
the sun shines through some palm trees over the blue water in this polaroid photo
nice view
an image of a city at night with the caption's name on it
Calabria Italy