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a blue line drawing of a man riding a wave with a surfboard in his hand
Abstract Contour
an image of some different symbols in the style of logos and colors, with words on them
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Which fandoms are you in? The hunger games, Divergent, Percy Jackson, avatar, Doctor Who, TFIOS.
a watercolor drawing of a compass with words written on it
"Compass" tattoo idea with watercolor
a drawing of two fish and a bottle in the water with bubbles coming out of it
Pen & ink doodle in my teeny tiny sketchbook - roughly 5"x5" page size. Mermaids, fishies and a message in a bottle by artyshroo.
a drawing on paper with some rocks and pencils next to it
Great idea for a tattoo I can add on to represent family members with birthstones or other things. With the words "You are my treasure"
a foot tattoo with seashells and starfish on it
130 Shell Tattoos Make You Wonder Sea Life | Art and Design
shell tattoo-40
an old school tattoo design with roses and seashells
USimprints - Quality Swag, No Stress - Promotional Products
Customizable Tattoo Sleeve-Seashells & Anchor
a man's arm with blue ink on it and an anchor in the middle
Compass Rose tattoo by Paul Talbot | Post 13367
Abstract Nautical Tattoo by Paul Talbot | Tattoo No. 13367
a skeleton sitting on top of a boat with a house in the water behind it
I am a big fan of Susanne König (Suflanda) Her style is simply gorgeous. On my list to have her work on me.
a ship in a bottle tattoo on the leg
Out of Step Books Publishing on Instagram: “Digging this #ship in a #bottle #tattoo by @nhatbe who creates really creative and clean work! Be sure to check out NHATBE's awesome page. Viva la Creativity!”
a man with a lighthouse tattoo on his arm
R O. B L A C K W O R K S
By RO -
a man's arm with a ship in the ocean and waves tattoo on it
Artist : Kadutattoo #kadutattoo #tattoo #tatuagem #tatuajes #tattoos #inked #tat…
a man's arm with a ship and clouds tattoo on it
Stormy Seas by William Dolittle @ Studio City Tattoo (Los Angeles, CA)
Stormy Sea Linework