// Iznik tile

potter Category: fritware (stonepaste) Name(s): tile Islamic pottery; category Date: circa 1550 — 1599 School/Style: Ottoman Period: second half of century Más

Topkapi Palace - Istanbul

Gem embellished bottle from the Ottoman time / Topkapi Palace, Istanbul (via Where would you like to go in Turkey?

16th Century Ottoman empire

Mirror with split-leaf palmette design inlaid with gold, Ottoman period, early century Turkey, probably Bursa or Istanbul Iron, inlaid with gold;

16th century ottoman court prayer rug

Ottoman Prayer Carpet, late C., one of the earliest examples of a rare group featuring a prayer niche, or mihrab; with triple arched columns on an undecorated field. Bursa or Istanbul. Turkey Pile weave, wool and cotton pile on silk foundation.