// Iznik tile

potter Category: fritware (stonepaste) Name(s): tile Islamic pottery; category Date: circa 1550 — 1599 School/Style: Ottoman Period: second half of century Más

Topkapi Palace - Istanbul

Gem embellished bottle from the Ottoman time / Topkapi Palace, Istanbul (via Where would you like to go in Turkey?

16th Century Ottoman empire

Mirror with split-leaf palmette design inlaid with gold, Ottoman period, early century Turkey, probably Bursa or Istanbul Iron, inlaid with gold;

Byzantine mosaic work in Chora church, Istanbul, Turkey

Byzantine Part I: This is an example of a mosaic that would be found in a Byzantine church. Sometimes these mosaics would be called tesserae, which was characterized by the use of precious metals and stones in conjunction with glass.

16th century ottoman court prayer rug

Ottoman Prayer Carpet, late C., one of the earliest examples of a rare group featuring a prayer niche, or mihrab; with triple arched columns on an undecorated field. Bursa or Istanbul. Turkey Pile weave, wool and cotton pile on silk foundation.

Ottoman Sultan

century painting showing the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed IV, Taking the throne at age six, his reign was significant as he changed the nature of the Sultan's position forever by giving up most of his executive power to his Grand Vizier.

A Kard from the Ottoman Empire, ca 18th century.

A kard (knife-like dagger) from the Ottoman Empire, ca century.

Mihrap - Osman Hamdi

Mihrap Osman Hamdi Bey (Turkish, Hamdy Bey’s depiction of undisguised human behaviour - particularly in a religious setting - challenged the social and religious status quo at.

Ottoman Lineage, Pre-Islamic (Silselename)

This silselename is one of the earliest known, a genre which traces lineage, this page is the pre-Islamic Ottoman Lineage going back to Adam. Authored in Baghdad as opposed to the Imperial center, under the reign of Mehmed III

Osman Hamdi Bey

BEY Osman Hamdi ~ Turkish – ~ "The Tortoise Trainer" 1906 / Pera Museum, İstanbul / sold for the amount of million dollars in December 2004