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Learn the basics of Hardanger embroidery with this pretty blue and green Hardanger panel. When finished, the panel could be applied to a bag or a book cover, or made into a pincushion, biscornu, doily, sachet or needle book. Each of the stitches will be taught, so absolute beginners are completely catered for, though it will probably help if you have some counted stitching experience.

Blue green beginners Hardanger panel pattern designed by Yvette Stanton. This pattern was designed specifically to teach Hardanger to beginners. When you go to the linked page you'll see a sample of the detailed step-by-step instructions.

El Handanger es una técnica que ya me es familiar,pero hoy he reparado en que no he hecho post alguno sobre el tema.Creo que es importante ...

Hardanger Ornament, White work Embroidery + Tassels Tutorials 1 of 8

KUFER - художественное ремесло: вышивка белый

KUFER - художественное ремесло: вышивка белый

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