Anatolian Seljuk Mosque, Turkey

Turkey has always been very high on our must-see list. This picture just makes me want to go NOW! Beautiful Turquoise in Anatolian Seljuk Mosque, Turkey. Study the architecture

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul - Turkey

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul - Turkey *Lol, this is not the Blue Mosque. It's Sabanci Merkez Camii in Adana - Turkey.

Istanbul, Turkey

the Islamic crescent moon nest to that pretty. Love this beautiful blue picture.

Istanbul, Turkey It is a charming city,you will never forget your visit at ISTANBUL.

Mihrab in mosque at Isfahan century tile mosaic Mihrab century tilework century Th.

Ortaköy Mosque on the shores of Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey (by...

Finally in shore, already seen one mosque the Ortaköy Mosque on the shores of Bosphorus, Istanbul. It is like a whole new world of excitement.

Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Three more weeks till Istanbul trip part 2 and views like this!

Torre Gálata - Istanbul, Turkey - Tem 60 metros de altura. data do séulo 6º, era empregada para orientar a navegação. Em 1453 os otomanos a transformaram em prisão e depósito naval. Atualmente abriga no nono andar um restaurante con shows noturnos de música típica e dança do ventre. A vista do topo é inesquecível.

Istabbul, turkey w/Turkish flag.


Love the one with the whirling dervish design

Istanbul, Turkey

Ortakoy Mosque, Istanbul Turkey Beautiful architecture and colors.

Colourful lamps at one of the shops in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey (by IzaD).

Turkey Travel Inspiration - Colorful Lanterns at a shop in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey by Izad Kasmijan

Stone Mirror-Istanbul, Turkey

The Stone Mirror - Istanbul, Turkey. People named this "The Stone Mirror". The way the stone mirror reflects this building is really amazing. Definitely a place to visit.