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Ayhan Karaarslan
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My boys love legos and now I'm a fan.  This website has TONS of cool creations.

Surfing in Lego bricks and plates. How do you build a Lego wave? The ageless colorful plastic pieces are being used to create innovative surf Lego designs. Welcome to the Surf Legoland and check out the coolest surfing Lego constructions.

Really nice collection of minifigs in Ribba cases. Click through to see the individual series.

Ikea Ribba frames Just ordered a load of lego bits (In Yellow Natch) for under a fiver :) Get glueing!

lego wall! Lol I think a smaller version of this with maybe something other than Legos...maybe little cars? Would look cute in Jett's room

The perfect way to display your lego minifigs collection! Instead of wall put in picture frame glue blocks to glass and have labels for each one in the frame for character and group or batman, Star Wars, ect. Perfect for little boys.