Different stitch

Let's learn embroidery: Kamal kadai, which originated in India, and which involves lines and weaving. An interesting technique for your next hand embroidery project.

Fishbone stitch

Fellesprosjekt for hel evnt

Palestrina Stitch

Palestrina Stitch - pretty heart-like running stitch

I love all things crafty. I consider myself Jack of all trades…master of none. Because realistically…I get bored easily. If all I did was sew I would hate it! When I painted murals on walls…I got so sick of it! I love to try new crafty things. (My nephew has recently started making knifes…and I’m […]

Fun new crafts to try in 2016

Ampersand Frame In Cross Stitch / Cuadro De Ampersand En Punto De Cruz Could do this with lots of shapes

Cross stitch, Szilágyság, end of XIX. c.

Cross stitch, Szilágyság, end of XIX.

Blackwork Crosses 3- #182    (c) 2012 Angie Kowalsky/Linen Flowers Designs    *Chart Download For Personal License Only- Not For Resale Or Sharing.     http://linenflowers.com/182lf.htm

Blackwork Crosses (c) 2012 Angie Kowalsky/Linen Flowers Designs *Chart…

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religious motifs

religious motifs




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Custodia y cruces.

un solo color

13669764_1800229286875036_9092434573756859854_n.jpg (865×850)

13669764_1800229286875036_9092434573756859854_n.jpg (865×850)

Gallery.ru / Фото #26 - Bordures et Frises Fleuries - Mongia

Borders in cross stitch 16

Latvian Folk Embroidery

Latvian embroidery patterns, typical for folk costume blouses & denoting the area in which this pattern is used. The symbol for the Sun god / goddess, creator of the Sacred Hearth, giver of life, is a central motif.