ooh want to do this with turkish tiles. this would look cute on a second stair case off a kitchen

I love Spanish and Italian tile - Hand painted tiles on stair risers. These stair risers are covered with colorful Catalina style tiles, which combine glossy and matte finishes. This adds wonderful(Cool Designs Stairs)

Iznik ceramic vase

Iznik: Turkish Tiles and Ceramics

Iznik tiles

According to Saint Tropez Stone, they're the only company in California who deals with fine handcrafted Moorish tiles and home decoration

Takunya, Cultural Icons of Turkey by @emrah cetinkaya Yücel

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Iznik Tiles

Tile Turkey, Iznik, second half of century Ceramics Fritware, underglaze painted 10 x 10 in.

A fine Iznik polychrome dish, Turkey, circa 1575 - Sotheby's

IZNIK CERAMIC, 16 (Turkey) Title : Polychrome dish Date : ca 1575 Polychrome dish sold by Sotheby's, London, on Saturday, November 2012

turkish beauty

Iznik: Turkish Tiles and Ceramics

Islam forbids the portrayal of living creatures, so most İznik designs are floral or geometric, Iznik ceramics from Turkey