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Sufi Dance

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A comfortable cushion on a traditional double niche rug and a wooden rehal with filigree work. An Ottoman era lady in an Ottoman interior reads. Artist is likely Kamil Aslanger.

Sufi's whirling Dervishes.

Beautiful work by Salman Khattak. The paper in this case is stained with coffee. The dervish is made out of the word ‘Al Tawafuq’ which means ‘coincidences’.

Kamil Aslanger Gallery - 16th, 17th, 18th Century Ottoman Empire

Turkish women of the household of Fatih Sultan Mehmet also known as 'sultan the magnificent' - Ottoman era. By Turkish painter Kamil Aslinger.

Women at the Harem in Mamluk- Ottoman Egypt… 19th century  Painted by the orientalist painter John Fredrick Lewis

Lewis John Frederick - Indoor Gossip, Cairo& oil on canvas. John Frederick Lewis was an Orientalist English painter. He specialized in Oriental and Mediterranean scenes and often worked in exquisitely detailed watercolour.

Ottoman Lineage, Pre-Islamic (Silselename)

This silselename is one of the earliest known, a genre which traces lineage, this page is the pre-Islamic Ottoman Lineage going back to Adam. Authored in Baghdad as opposed to the Imperial center, under the reign of Mehmed III