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two different pictures with the same caption for each one, including an image of a woman and a man
two women and a man standing on top of a ladder in front of a camera
'NCIS': 6 New Pics from Season 10!
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of some trees with leaves on them
the man and woman are sitting together in front of a wall with their eyes closed
Ncis Abby, Gibbs Ncis, Ncis Stars, Good Goodbye
two pictures of a man with his eyes closed and another photo of the same person wearing a hat
McAbby: An NCIS Fan Blog
three people hugging each other in an elevator
two people are hugging each other in the hallway and another person is on the ground
a group of people standing next to each other with yellow tape on their backs and arms
..Permanently, forever. ⎊
many different pictures of people and one is talking on a cell phone while the other two are looking at each other
two pictures with the same person talking to each other, one is holding a small child's hand
two different pictures of people laying in bed