Church’s - Limited Edition Stratford Shoe

Church’s - Limited Edition Stratford Shoe.too bad they were limited editions.

Handmade leather shoes

Sufi shoes ,leather slipper,stylish indoor shoes (cocoa color)

Dearest Shoe Gods, please grant me this request. Gucci.

Cute Moccasins - Trendy Slip-On Shoes

Dearest Shoe Gods, please grant me this request. Gucci By Nayia Ginn


Saint Crispin's "Croc Double Buckle Monk" Our client who had ordered this boot…

Bottega Veneta - Resort Men's Accessories - 2014

Bottega Veneta Mens Shoes - It's not true that men don't care about what they wear, but just like it's not true that women

Valentino S/S 2013 sneakers.

Clearly shoes with a little camo hit are about to start a take over soon. *Valentino S/S 2013 sneakers.

Bobbies | Paris

Bobbies Paris offers an eccentric take on this classic footwear and with an injection of Parisian flavour, delivers a range of multi-coloured, finely cut shoe that succeeds in combining style with ease.