Вышивка Лентами Мастер Класс

вышивка лентами

violets with ribbon embroidery. The stems are made by twisting the ribbon really tightly. See related pins for more examples.

Чехол для ножниц и маячок: Дневник группы "Бискорню и другие "кривульки"" - Страна Мам

бискорно и другое

Cross stitch, pattern - would be nice made into a needle book. KB: Like this finish to put floral or candy inside. Never thought a square could become something else entirely.

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Женская вышиванка белая по белому

Женская вышиванка белая по белому

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Хрестик + обманка

Beautiful Ukrainian shirt embroidery with traditional Volyn' region ornaments.