Galata Tower, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Galata tower Medieval stone tower previously called flower of Christ

Crusader castle in Bodrum harbor, Turkey

Crusader castle in Bodrum harbor, Turkey. Bodrum Kalesi was built by the Knights Hospitaller starting in 1402 as the Castle of St. Peter or Petronium.

Istanbul, Turkey - Blue Mosque

Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque), Istanbul, Turkey - 13 Fascinating Places Spiced Up with Amazing Architecture

Kas/Kekova, Turkey. ancient ruins fascinate me.

Kekova is the name of a region of fascinating islands, bays and ancient cities. Kekova has a rarely seen attraction, a long the shore of the Island a sunken city is observed.

The Cagaloglu Hamami, Istanbul

The Cagaloglu Hamami, Istanbul