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Gülben GÜNEŞ
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Warriors Cats - Graystripe by VanyCat.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Another cat of the "Warrior cats" this time is Graystripe! This is how I've imagined Graystripe Graystripe © Warriors cats Art © me Warriors Cats - Graystripe

Evolution Of Firestar by AMBcatbone on DeviantArt

From a soft kittypet to a noble leader in one series. While patient brambleclaw had to wait Firestar sure did earn trust fast for being a very 'unwanted' member by a lot of cats

Another day in Riverclan by DancingfoxesLF on DeviantArt

Brownpaw-holding fish down sandypaw-cheering brownpaw on and beachpaw-freaked out. All three need mentors

Leafpool and crowfeather - You chose your clan remember? That do not meen that I do not love you

Poor Crow he just wants love Crowfeather X Leafpool were always one of my favourite couples (Even though they were together for like 3 days) And . Leafpool and crowfeather