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an overhead view of a small patio with chairs and potted plants in the corner
Couristan 2'3" X 7'10" Ivory/ Grey Dolce Brindisi Runner Area Rug
a hammock is hanging in front of a house with plants and trees around it
an apartment building with plants on the balconies
Linh's house |CGI Design: Duy Huynh
Linh's house |CGI Design: Duy Huynh on Behance
an aerial view of a rooftop garden with tables and chairs in the foreground, surrounded by buildings
La casa de una empleada doméstica, premio internacional de arquitectura
Premio de Arquitectura | CASA EN SAN PABLO. la terraza y el interior del patio visto desde arriba.
a house with a wooden deck and stairs leading up to the upper floor, next to a white building
an outdoor area with stairs and potted plants
a woman walking up the stairs to an apartment building with plants growing on it's sides
Solusi taman minimalis di lahan sempit dengan 20 desain taman di atap rumah!
a man standing on top of a balcony next to plants and stairs in front of a building
Gallery of HÒA House / KHUÔN Studio - 16
the floor plan for an apartment
Familia 6e
an apartment building with two balconies on the second floor