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Winter Paradise in Hochkönig - Where to go skiing / snowboarding
two young boys standing on snowboards in the snow at dusk, with other skiers and snowboarders behind them
a person is standing on an ice rink holding a drink and looking at people skating
several people are laying in the snow on their skis and one person is falling down
a group of people standing next to each other
two people are walking through the snow in front of a large waterfall that is spewing water
a person laying in the snow with skis on their head
black and white photograph of a person on skis in the snow with trees behind them
Gallery | mayamikkelsen
the skiers are getting ready to go down the hill on their skis and snowboards
tegan starick | VSCO
a man riding on the back of an orange snowmobile
Kendall on Instagram: “the simulation really hit today”
a woman riding on the back of a snowmobile
a man riding skis on top of a snow covered slope